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Picture of At home phlebotomy service

At home phlebotomy service

A qualified nurse will visit you in your home and collect your blood sample
Picture of Bare Essentials  Health Marker Test

Bare Essentials Health Marker Test

This test will look at your heart, liver and thyroid health markers. Check if your lifestyle is affecting your energy, mood, weight, skin and sleep and increasing your risk of heart, liver and thyroid disorders. Get all the essential information about your health status with our at-home finger prick test.
Picture of Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

This is a combined kit containing the inside out health marker test and the microbiome test. Test your blood health markers and the gut microbiome to get a comprehensive insight into your current state of health. Assess your cardiovascular, liver and thyroid health as-well as body inflammation and blood sugar levels. Discover the world of microbiome and learn how it can affect your digestion, immunity and metabolism. Learn how health problems can be addresses and prevented with nutritional and lifestyle changes. Make informed decisions and track your progress to reach your full potential.
Picture of Microbiome Screening + Nutritionist Report

Microbiome Screening + Nutritionist Report

Discover the world of microbiome in your gut by using cutting edge science. The diversity of the bacteria living in your gut is directly related to many health functions such as digestive health, immune system, weight control, metabolism, cardiovascular health and mood. Using this test learn how to influence your microbiome to improve your health. Now, you can discover the secrets of your microbiome form the comfort of your home
Picture of Day 25 Progesterone

Day 25 Progesterone

25 days progesterone is a simple, at-home finger-prick blood test that helps confirm ovulation and basic fertility health.
Picture of Inside Out  Health Marker Test

Inside Out Health Marker Test

Lifestyle has a great impact on your health. With this at-home, blood fingerpick tests you can gain an inside out knowledge of your health and make changes to improve your quality of life. Test your heart, liver, and thyroid health, and examine your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Discover if you're getting enough key nutrients from your diet and ensure your body inflammation is in check keeping your body in a healthy state.